T.V.S. Brace
Testimony is the result of an
independent product review
on the TVS carried out
by Stuart Cantel of
Arthritis News magazine
The TVS brace is a mechanical way of supporting wonky knees. It is intended for use with moderate valgus or varus instability of the knee and is designed to prevent an unstable knee moving into a painful position of deformity while the knee is exended and weight-bearing. It is not designed to restore anatomical alignment of the leg.

Fitting the brace proved to be quite simple but, for best results, it should be fitted by a physiotherapist or other health professional.

The brace is only intended for support whilst standing and walking so it must be undone when sitting for more than a short period. I took my first short excursion with some trepidation and kept my walking stick tucked firmly under my arm, To my amazement the TVS brace really worked. As I gained confidence - and left my stick behind - it became apparent that I could walk further without knee pain than I had for a very long time.

Despite the need for a very firm fit, I realised that I quickly forgot that I was wearing a brace and this, in turn, helped me to regain a normal gait. I was also less wary of a collapsing knee than usual.
The problem of undoing the brace and re-doing it up between sitting and walking proved to be quite minimal and definitely worthwhile to obtain the best results from wearing the brace.

Overall this is a thoroughtly well made product which will help many people with collapsing knees walk further and with greater confidence than before. Although a piece of supportive equipment, the design is such that it looks sporty rather than medical.
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